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Citizen Ethics in a Time of Crisis

An important booklet on social justice and religious social justice just came out in the UK, called Citizen Ethics in a Time of Crisis.
Authors include Michael Sandel, Rowen Williams, John Milbank, and many others. Many of the articles are snippets from other speeches and books but collectively they are the start of the new values and justice movement of sustainable economics and will sure to be copied and quoted by Jewish authors (think Jonathan Sacks 2011).

I will post more about it after I work my way through it.
Here is the full down-loadable text. If this does not work, then it is available from several other sites. Make sure it prints in a large enough font for reading.

Here is their website.

Blurb from movement website.

How do we decide our values?
How can we do economics as if ethics matters?
What kind of politics do we want?
What sort of common life can we share?
There is a widespread concern that the winner takes all mentality of the
banker, and the corrupted values of the politician, have replaced a common
sense ethics of fairness and integrity. Many worry that an emphasis on a
shallow individualism has damaged personal relationships and weakened
important social bonds.

What’s required is a vigorous debate about who deserves what, and the
ethics required for humans to reach their full potential.
The Citizen Ethics Network exists to promote this debate and to renew
the ethical underpinnings of economic, political and daily life.