Since I was spending long hours back in 2009 in front of the computer to write two books, this was my jot pad for things I come across or think about.  I also post items from and for friends. Sometimes friends drop by for an interview.

The books did come out. My book Judaism and Other Religions came out in March 2010. Go buy it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you want the hardcover are willing to pick it up at my home or office, then it will be $45 cash.
My follow-up book came out in March 2012 Judaism and World Religions. If you are willing to pick it up at my home or office, then it will be $49 cash. (I will not mail or ship it to you).

Currently, I am working on two new books projects. A large history volume of the history of Modern Orthodoxy:1800-2000; a history book  that stops before the current debates. And a book on the Jewish-Hindu encounter described in this article. 



2 responses to “About

  1. Are you still looking to change your blog name?

    You should take advantage of your surname and include in the name of the blog something “Brill-iant”.

    How about “The Brilliant Post” ? Too cute?

  2. Or an Anglophile spin: Just Brill

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