Five Year Anniversary of this Blog

I never thought that I would still be doing this after five years. At the time I started this blog I was working on deadline for my book Judaism and Other Religions. My “About” page was about my working on deadline. Now, that book is about to finally be released in reasonably priced paperback by November. (Order now, the price drops further right before it comes out)

The posts that get the most hits are those about the community and not those about books, alas. Unless the post is an interview with someone infamous.

Currently, most of the serious discussion has moved to Facebook and away from the comments. Time will help how much longer I keep comments. I do miss the first years of the blog when I posted 18-24 posts a month, each only a short paragraph or two letting my friends know what I was reading. Now they are all full articles but they bypass what I am reading. Onward.


3 responses to “Five Year Anniversary of this Blog

  1. So nu? Post what you read too! Surrender not to the god of ratings and hitcounts and likes!

    • I only have so much time. And in the end, when I did 3-4 short posts on the same topic people wanted them combined.It is not about hit counts. When I wrote only for friends and former students, I could explain things in a line, now with a wider readership posts are misread if I do not take the time to articulate what I want to say.
      People prefer me once a week (or twice) so they can think about it., rather than having to bookmark me in Pocket and never get back to it.

  2. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary. I think your blog is fantastic and I have never been disappointed when reading a new contribution. You take me to places I would never have anticipated and you don’t patronise your readers. May you go from strength to strength. If you are ever teaching in Europe, please mention it in a blog, it would be nice to attend a class if possible.

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