Chag Sameach

Have a Zissen Pesach. Hag Kasher veSameach.
I have been very busy the last few weeks. I am still here and the blog will return with regular updates starting after the holiday.


Duluth, MN 1910

Manila, 1925

Washington DC, 1995

Kurshan, Lithuania 1930’s

2 responses to “Chag Sameach

  1. Interesting that there are so many children in Duluth and so few in Lithuania.

    Serious question: What was the first seder to include non-Jewish guests (as, for example, the Dalai Lama pictured or Barack Obama in the White House)?

    • Litvak’s were more modern than we imagine. They took many of the Tzarist changes of the 1840-1870’s to heart.

      R. Yaakov Emden, writes that the invitation that we extend to those who are in need of food is directed towards non-Jews.

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