Which Jewish group uses Social Media the most to talk about their Judaism?

The article below states that White Evangelicals are using social media more than other Christian groups. So, which Jewish groups are most on Facebook? Who is most on Twitter? Which groups talk about their Judaism most in daily updates? Which group is most likely to fill in their religious affiliation? The actual study had a negative conclusion in that most Americans dont list a religious affiliation or give updates of their religiosity life.  Go check your accounts! Discount those that are active ideologues or program directors. Look at ordinary users. Who posts about their religious life? Better question:Who downloads the most sermons, shiurim, and lectures? Everyone claims their group does. How many synagogues or study groups have an active Facebook page or twitter updates?

 White Evangelicals Use Social Media More Than Other Religious Groups

A recent survey suggests that white evangelical Protestants are “significantly more likely than other major religious groups to use technology for religious purposes.” The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) study also suggests that few Americans use social media to interact with faith communities online, though critics say the survey does not accurately measure online religiosity. Case in point: evangelical dominance of Twitter engagement


According to PRRI, about 20 percent of white evangelicals have noted their church attendance on Facebook or other social networks, compared to 6 percent of white mainline Protestants and 2 percent of Catholics. In addition, 25 percent of white evangelicals said they’ve downloaded a sermon online or a podcast compared to less than 10 percent of white mainline Protestants.

Almost half of white evangelicals (49 percent) said that their church uses television screens for worship services, compared to 29 percent of white mainline Protestants. Also, 40 percent of white evangelicals said their church has an active Facebook page or a website where people regularly interact.

Just one-quarter of white evangelicals said they don’t post their beliefs to Facebook, compared to half of survey respondents. 

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