Two and a Half Year Round-up

Many of my readers tell me that they like when I only post one good long post rather than many short ones because they don’t have time for many short posts. Some readers have told me that they flag the posts that they like for later with programs such as read-it-later or they forward it to their e-readers. It worked for me this past season because I spent much of the last three months editing my manuscript and then the proofs. However, I am still weighing how much I should post short notes and clippings.

I still have many un-posted pieces since July. The Oliver Roy post took me half a year to get to it.

Those academics and clergy that want an interview about your books or a guest post, then please let me know. I would be glad to oblige qualified people. Please don’t be shy. Everyone has enjoyed the process.

From the analytics available:
My readership is in the places that one would expect: Boston, Baltimore, Evanston, SF, D.C., LA, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego, Cleveland, Hartford and Atlanta. I have a strong and consistent readership with an IP # in Council Bluffs, IA. If you are from that area and a regular reader, then can you please tell me what Jewish or Christian groups are my readers in IA? I have regular readers in Dallas-Plano, a town that I have not visited the Jewish community and don’t have any personal friends there. Also a solid contingent in Omaha.

I have more readers with Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan IP addresses than Jerusalem.

According to the analytics, my readership for the first two years was mainly people with graduate degrees and good incomes. In the late Fall, I have gained a demographic without degrees. Hmm.

I gained many new readers with the Carr interview. Welcome.

I just got this week a Samsung Tablet- if anyone knows any good apps to download tell me.

I lost the most readers, feed readers, and subscribers with my review of two works of scholarship on Hasidic Tales. I am surprised that about that. Of all the things that I covered, that Hasidic Tales are not real was a breaking point!?

If you are planning on buying my next book Judaism and World Religions , it will be printed in about 4-5 weeks and officially published mid-March. The price will drop greatly for the pre-publication version, but you have price-guarantee from Amazon.

6 responses to “Two and a Half Year Round-up

  1. It’s kinda weird you didn’t mention New York at all.

    Here’s a great list of “essential” Android apps:

    • I took NY, Brooklyn, Riverdale, Teaneck, and White Plains, for granted.

      Thanks for the app list. How about apps for libraries, scholarship, or seforim? Maybe a HebrewBooks app?

  2. I’m in Jerusalem, but I think my IP address reads as if it is in Tel Aviv or Ramat Gan (for example, weather websites that read such information assume that I want to know the weather in Tel Aviv or Ramat Gan). This might be because these cities are where the internet providers of Israel lodge. After all, when you consider distance relative to America, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan are not too much farther than suburbs of one another. I would guess that many of those listed in your statistics as Tel Aviv are actually residents of Jerusalem and its daughters.

    • Thank You, yes you show up as TA. So my readers who use Bezeq show up as TA. Now if I can only make sense of Council Bluffs, IA.

  3. I would be even more interested to hear what sense Council Bluffs IA makes of you.

  4. Geographic info courtesy of Google: Council Bluffs IA is part of the Omaha metro area. Omaha seems to have one of each type of synagogue: O/Ch/C/R/Rc U of Omaha seems to have a substantial Jewish Studies program, with 10 affiliated faculty from other departments. Creighton U seems to have a substantial interfaith presence as well.

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