Contemporary Philosophy and Religion

This comes from a CFP for an upcoming conference in philosophy of religion. I found it a nice list of what’s currently discussed and relevant in philosophy of religion. I thought some of my readers may be looking for reading for the summer or the winter break. What made this list list especially useful was the list of both authors and topics.

Phenomenology of Religion
The thought of Chrétien, Henry, Lacoste, Levinas, Marion, and Ricoeur
Topics: the gift; the work of art; appearance and transcendence; call and response

Religion and Politics
The thought of Agamben, Asad, Connolly, Derrida, de Vries, Girard, Habermas, Schmitt, and Taylor
Topics: political theology; the post-secular; sovereignty; religion and violence; pluralism

Religion and Speculative Realism
The thought of Brassier, Harman, Laruelle, and Meillassoux
Topics: materialism; correlationism; nihilism; the things themselves; divine inexistence; ‘future Christ’

Beyond Theism and Atheism
The thought of Caputo, Kearney, Kristeva, Milbank, Vattimo
Topics: kenosis; anatheism; weak theology; a/theology; radical orthodoxy

Continental Thought, Religion, and Aesthetics
The artwork of Bresson, Caravaggio, Celan, Chagall, Dostoyevsky, Dumont, Artemisia Gentileschi, Kahlo, Kapoor, Kiarostami, Kiefer, Malick, Newman, O’Keefe, and Stevens
The thought of Cavell, Cixous, Critchley, Irigaray, Marion, Nancy, and Rancière
Topics: transcendence in art; image and icon; creativity and creation; representation and idolatry

Immanentism and Religion
Agamben, Badiou, Bergson, Deleuze, James, Foucault, Keller, and Žižek
Topics: self-organization; the event; plurality; bio-power; polydoxy

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3 responses to “Contemporary Philosophy and Religion

  1. Any reason you never engage with analytic philosophy of religion?

    • Jon- If a new and exciting book in analytic philosophy of relgion comes out and you want to do a guest post then let me know.

  2. I feel that if I read all those books my mind would explode…very heavy reading, and these authors like to go on. More than, that I would lack the ability to put it all together …how do you integrate Deluze with Cavell with Agamben with….A derech in reading is to proceed slowly from what one understands and gradually try to widen the circle of authors. Just racing through these books is dangerous. You end up knowing a little about a lot of high falutin books. The correct goal is to deepen one’s understanding, proceed slowly and to feel so comfortable with a way of thinking that it can be said over in one’s own way and adapted to other conversations..

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