Upsherin Magician

From a local list serve. This seems to be a new phase.

Looking for a magician (or similar type of entertainment) to perform at an upsherin for children.

3 responses to “Upsherin Magician

  1. You may be able to look upon it in a favorable light when you envision a large gathering of many families with young children. After the haircutting, the adults want to eat and socialize, and the performance will keep most of the kids entertained. I’ve heard of worse things.

    We had a friend who made an upsherin outdoors in August, and the young guests played in the yard, but that’s not an option for winter.

    Upsherin is not my family tradition.

  2. “Upsherin Magician” would be a great name for a band, or at least an album.

    To see an upsherin magician in action, check out this Flickr picture. For bonus points on your Sociology of Contemporary Orthodoxy final, explain the significance of the black hats the audience is wearing in the picture.

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