Ari, Rashash, and Kavvanot in English

Here is a rare fine, a collection of audio lectures that translate and explain the most recondite parts of the Lurianic system. I listened to some of it. The classes are basically recorded chevruta sessions. The rest of the site is pop-psych, life-coaching, kiruv routines, and yeshivish homiletic. But these lectures are ideal for someone who has trouble with the Etz Hayyim, Rashash, Rav Itzhak Haver, or Ramhal. They shiurim are not concerned with bibliography, biography, or chronology. They work out the Ilan Atzilut and how to use kavvanot.

Jewish Heritage Foundation on Kabbalah
Here are the handouts of the charts for those who need a visual of what the shiurim are about.

h/t An Aspiring Mekubal

2 responses to “Ari, Rashash, and Kavvanot in English

  1. Do you recommend only R. Ephraim Goldstein’s shiurim, or do you recommend all four of the lecturers in the section? Thanks.

  2. The link is now defunct above. But the site lives on here:

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