Hasbara as kiruv

This was forwarded to me. Doing PR work for Israel’s poor attempts at hasbara is now formally defined as kiruv. What isn’t kiruv at this point? On the other hand, now kiruv can be separated from mizvot and be applied to AIPAC or ZOA work. Thoughts?

From the description of Yeshivat Torat Shraga

To this end, YTS provides many shiurim in these
areas, including a entitled “Kiruv Training Seminar”. This provides
the student with the background and ability to handle any and all
questions that the student may be faced with in the world outside the
Yeshiva, including the media’s portrayal of Israel.

3 responses to “Hasbara as kiruv

  1. You’re giving way too much credit for whoever writes the blurbs for Torat Shraga’s website. That’s my guess.

    • I didn’t go to torat shraga, but another popular post modox highschool yeshiva.
      I don’t think the website had any shiur (besides Gemara) that was actually taught.

  2. Kiruv for who? I suspect that “teaching arguments with which you can convince others” is partly a cover for “teaching arguments with which you can convince yourself”. Thus it should include any potential future threats to the student’s identity.

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