Ibn Ezra is not Modern Orthodox

This may be beating a dead horse already. But this past Shabbos, a older speaker who would be a self-described defender of an older Modern Orthodoxy was describing the Ibn Ezra as an ideal Modern Orthodox person. He knew Torah, and he also knew the sciences, poetry, Biblical commentary, grammar, linguistics, and philosophy. He was a rationalist and sought peshat.
In the middle of his presentation, the person sitting in front of me turned to me and whispered:

Ibn Ezra had difficulties earning a living, he was not so successful in business, and had no fixed income. Therefore he could not be Modern Orthodox. It costs a lot to be Modern Orthodox.

The person does not read my blog or my essays, so they are not parroting me. They earn a seven figure income.

One response to “Ibn Ezra is not Modern Orthodox

  1. Excellent 🙂

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