Happy and Kosher Passover holiday

At this point when I see that my readership has all but disappeared for the holiday, I wish everyone a zissen pesach, a joyous and kosher holiday.

I do have new posts written which will go up on Thursday/Friday. Should I post my thoughts on the top 50 rabbis or let it go?
I post my comments on this year’s 2011 Haggadot after Passover.

For some prior posts.

Marc-Alain Ouaknin, Haggadah (This should have gotten comments)
Rabbi Eliezer Ashkenazi on Pour out thy Wrath
Pour out thy Love Upon the Nations and Miriam at the Seder-Updated (On Bloch’s forgery and that everyone even Rabbi Jonathan Sacks uses it.)
Haggadot 2010

And from elsewhere: Here are 42 traditional Haggadot, most from Eastern Europe of the 17th to the early 20th century. For those who think they are the tradition, spend some time with Shelah Hagadah or the Munkatz Haggadah.

6 responses to “Happy and Kosher Passover holiday

  1. Please post about the fifty rabbis.

  2. I found my copy of the Feldheim [“HOREV”] 1993 “The MAHARAL Haggadah” edited & translated by Shlomo Mallin. On page 376, is this interesting text:

    “In short, the Hebrew Maharal Haggadah is not exactly the Maharal’s Haggadah (the Maharal’s authentic commentary to the Haggadah appears in chapters 48-65 of the Book of Power – our English translation of the Haggadah is based on these chapters). Rather it is based on a manuscript by the Maharal’s son in law. Even more, it is based on Rosenberg’s version of this manuscript.

    It is well known to scholars and historians, that The Haggadah of the Maharal, together with a book titled The Miracles of the Maharal were originally published by a certain Y. Y. Rosenberg in the Year 1909. Rosenberg, who was reportedly the Rabbi of a small Polish town called Tarlah, claimed discovery of an ancient manuscript (300 years old) in the Metz library which was written in the hand of the Maharal’s son in law, Yizhak Katz. According to Rosenberg’s testimony, he based the books he published on that manuscript. However, he refused to reveal the manuscript to anyone, and until this day it has never been seen by the general public. Hence, serious scholars treat Rosenberg’s publications with a certain degree of scepticism.”

    Curiously, this book seems to have vanished from the Feldheim website or Google searches. But, my reading of footnote 27 in Shnayer Leiman’s Tradition article seems to indicate that Mallin was not fooled.

    Can you clarify the status of the English Feldheim imprinted “The MAHARAL Haggadah” that may be in various readers’ libraries?

    • Can you clarify the status of the English Feldheim imprinted “The MAHARAL Haggadah” that may be in various readers’ libraries?

      What are you asking?

  3. Is Mallin’s 1993 commentary under the Feldheim imprint a victim of the Yudel Rosenberg forgery, or is it reasonably assumed to be the Maharal’s commentary?

    [Related to: https://kavvanah.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/pour-out-thy-love-upon-the-nations-and-miriam-at-the-seder/#comment-727%5D

    • Mallin is a paraphrase of the Yudel Rosenberg Haggadah.
      The part that is forgery is the story of how it was found in manuscript and that Maharal drank a fifth cup.(plus a few editorial changes and some messianic word changes.) The vast majority of the volume is selected quotes from Maharal’s other writings and not a forgery.
      If Rosenberg had left out the story of his finding a manuscript, then the haggadah would be not much different than the constructed haggadot of Artscroll, Feldheim or the constructed Rav Soloveitchik on the liturgy.

  4. Helpful.. Thanks.

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