Two conversations

I was visiting a city elsewhere in the US.

A secular studies principal in an American haredi yeshiva stated that he just got on facebook. His former students are all friending him. He mentioned that one of the students from a few years ago said that he was the only one of his former teacher he friended and he hated the rabbis. I asked him how many of the graduates are still frum? He said give or take about half. So returning to this student.
He told a story of how the rebbe argued with the student and shouted at the student that the rebbe was right and the student was wrong. The principal said that these rebbes have no sense of the need to appreciate the student or to help him mature. I asked why is that?
Answer – They do not act as proper parent who gives the child a chance to rebel and mature. Rather, they themselves are immature and have to argue that they are correct. The rebbe sees yiddishkeit as a truth not a path to grow into. The Rebbe is himself narcissistic and concerned with his own self-perception and insecurities. A mature ninth grade teacher knows to let the kid argue, these rabbeim don’t.
Me- So why are you there?
Him–I care about the kids.

Conversation with Sefardi pulpit rabbi with Sfardi Smikhah from Israel. Him- there are a lot of arguing about all these new things about women. I see constant shouting in papers, blogs, and especially the RCA private list serve. I don’t understand it. It is like these people have no idea what they should do or react. They keep asking how should we react? Do we need to react?
Him cont-They are rabbis, don’t they know already what they do? Why are they asking now? Don’t they have a sense of what a rabbi is and supposed to do? Why do these these topic change anything in their lives? And why are they looking to list seves for answers? I know what my job is and I do it. Are they lost about their jobs or identities?

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