General Update

I am glad to be home, I posted a few short posts this week to be back online.
Later this week we have a guest post by Eiver LeNahar on a Breslov tale. If anyone else has an appropriate guest post that fits into the topics covered here then let me know.
Next week, I will review to posts that require being at home and learning or reading. I will review the first 3 chapters of Rav Morgenstern’s introduction to Komarno. So please read them. If you subscribe they were sent out last week, and the intro was sent in Dec. I might also mention his “intro to the history of Chasidus” that was sent out before Pesah.
I will review “Imagining Holiness: Classic Hasidic Tales in Modern Times”- I owe a paper book review.
And next month we will get to the two new books by Zvi Mark on Breslov, the forthcoming book by Kellner, some translations of Rav Ashlag, and we will do Belevavi Mishkan in Elul.

One response to “General Update

  1. Ooh. You’re cookin’, Rabbi. I’ve learned R’ Morgenstern’s comments on the Kamarna and found them to be wonderful. I’ve become a fan of his (not a Chassid). I’ve long been a fan of R’ Ashlag and have done my share of work on him, and have admired the Breslover for decades. I look forward to all your entries.

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