Looking for Guest Posts

I will be traveling for the next few weeks, next week in the US- so there will be email access. But I will be overseas during the last two weeks of June. Are any of our famous published authors interested in posting?
AS? – Some philosophy?
Eiver Lanhar? – Some Hasidus?
Tomer? – do you want an English audience?
Anyone else?
If you are interested, then send an email to my gmail.

3 responses to “Looking for Guest Posts

  1. I saw it when the AJS review came. The question is more – What does it mean? What value does this have? How did it cause chabad to move from a metaphysical world of long hemsheks to a psychological concern with folly?

  2. I found the article unfocused & all over the place.

    The articles does try to deal with the issue with Chabad history and historiography, which is a valuable topic for discussion.

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