Overheard at a shul kiddush

Person – I’m a deist, we don’t believe in the Christian concept of love.
Me- What do you mean you are a deist? [I was not sure he knew what the word meant.]
Person- We have a realistic view of God – one that get angry, takes revenge and is not nice. God needs to be appeased.
Me- Do you appease God?
Person- Yes, I do my duties and obligations every day.
Me- When you fail do you get punished?
Person- I do my duties.

4 responses to “Overheard at a shul kiddush

  1. A logical enough response to a deity who requires worship and ritual but, unlike the evangelical god, never talks back.

  2. The number of closet molech worshipers is clearly increasing.

  3. Avraham Bronstein

    Was this a shul kiddush in the last two weeks?

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