Religious not Spiritual

Priest Religious, But Not Really Spiritual
May 5, 2010 | ISSUE 46•18

BOSTON—Father Clancy Donahue of St. Michael Catholic Church told reporters Wednesday that while he believed in blindly adhering to the dogma and ceremonies of his faith, he tried not to get too bogged down by actual spirituality. “I’m not so much into having a relationship with God as I am into mechanically conducting various rituals,” Donahue said. “To me, it just feels empty to contemplate a higher power without blindly obeying canon law and protecting the church as an institution.” Donahue emphasized that although he did not personally agree with those who pondered the eternal, he had nothing against them.

From The Onion.

2 responses to “Religious not Spiritual

  1. Jonathan Hirsch

    I often wonder if Some Orthodox rabbis would agree with this priest ,I would guess that some believe that there is a danger in sprituality since it can lead to deemphasis of Halacha this can be seen that often in our Yeshivah Cirriculum they do not discuss the Why Questions

  2. moshe shoshan

    I think that this is part of a modern/protestant bias against ritual and the notion religion imposing norms from the outside.

    To a Litvak, Yishayah Leibowitz in its most extreme form, such an approach to “spirituality” is quite compelling.

    R. Amital more and more speaks in these terms in an effort to counter the haba”kukism that so pervades Israeli religious youth.

    As one rabbi summed it up to me, “these kids dont know what a mechayeiv is”

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