Drawings by David Chaim Smith- Thursday April 1, John Zorn at 6PM

A former student is having a gallery opening tomorrow and intimate concert at opening by John Zorn and friends.

Blood of Space: Drawings by David Chaim Smith
Special Music Performance by John Zorn, Trevor Dunn, and Kenny Wollesen- April 1st at 6PM
Presented by Cavin-Morris Gallery
April 1, 2010- May 15, 2010
Reception: April 1, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
David Chaim Smith is unstuck in time. David Chaim Smith makes drawings. These drawings are not about the art world. Yet he is not an Outsider Artist. In fact he is a perfect argument for the futility of any attempt to define O
utsider. They are not about Contemporary Art’s self-referential contexts. Nor are these drawing about David Chaim Smith. They are incandescent utterances from the nexus point of unutterable ecstasy. They are inchoate maps of the un-mappable places of Original Creation. Is it dangerous to document these things? Yes it is. Throughout the history of Man it has been dangerous for the Mediators between Tangible and Intangible to absorb and expose Esoteric Teachings.

There is nothing New Age about this mysticism. It isn’t at all user-friendly. These intricate beautifully rendered chart-like drawings compel you to give up your own time frames and become absorbed and changed. The images settle into your psyche as well as your aesthetic reference zone. But for some reason these involved mad dances through words and sacred geometries, biomorphic and astral thought forms, incantations and exhortations are not in the least solipsistic. No more so then the constellations are or wave patterns seen from the sky or the mating dances of bees, and that is because David Chaim Smith is also a great artist who, under the pretence of being narratively self-effacing, organizes and arranges non-visual information into amazing hyperbolic cascades of visual information and composition. His ever-present artistic micro managing is kept invisible. He is a Keeper of Mysteries but his desire is for you to enter them as well so there is a tremendous amount of generosity in his Vision.
Cavin Morris Gallery is proud to introduce the work of a true Mystic. He has thrown his artistic Body in front of us to take the Bolt of Lightning and transform its crackling hyper-intensity into black and white images of Primal Insight.
For further information, please contact Shari Cavin, Randall Morris or Mariko Tanaka by tel (212) 226-3768, or email: Blugriot@aol.com.
Website http://www.cavinmorris.com
Address 210 11th Ave, 2nd Fl
New York (Chelsea) NY, 10001
Website of Drawings by David Chaim Smith

2 responses to “Drawings by David Chaim Smith- Thursday April 1, John Zorn at 6PM

  1. I am surprised that when I mentioned on the blog Archbishop Dolan speaking or Habermas speaking – readers of the blog showed up. But to hear John Zorn in an intimate setting got no readers.

  2. Eiver LaNahar

    Maybe it was the timing of this opening.

    But I plan on attending the show before it closes. David Smith is an old friend whom I have known since Chabad created a surprise Bar Mitzvah for him when he was a RISD student, way, way back when.

    He is a born kabbalist (albeit possibly more Blakean than Lurianic) and I look forward to seeing his new art works.

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