Temporary Slow Down- Blue Screen

My computer gave me a blue screen of death last night, Bad-Pool Caller, today the hard drive was reformatted and memory checked, and it still did not work. So I am on a good loaner (it will probably become my new computer).
My data is backed up but I have a lot of transferring to do. Ninite made the first phase much quicker. But many files to go before I sleep.

2 responses to “Temporary Slow Down- Blue Screen

  1. I’ve been thinking about this post-Orthodoxy thing (It seems that you may have spawned a true buzz word).
    When you speak of a post-Orthodox moment, do you mean that the era that began with the emergence of Orthodoxy in the 19th century has come to an end? If so what are the changes that mark this end?

    • I guess that I am not getting past this post-orthodox thing. I will reply as a new post next week or the week after.

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