Will be Away

I will be away for a few days for long weekend.

A few notes:

Many people, more than I expected, have shown up to download  the Thanksgiving Service. Nobody, not one person, has shown up to read the Zohar post after it was no longer the lede post.

More people have shown up to read the Post-Orthodoxy post than any other post in the last 2 weeks,- people keep returning to re-read it. but it has not generated a single comment. I wonder why?

Several people have just discovered the blog and it is interesting to watch them on the stats page, slowly, in a consecutive manner, open each link of the past 2 months.

I am still looking to rename the blog that does not involve my name or the word kavvanah.

6 responses to “Will be Away

  1. I’ve read the Zohar post, just didn’t click the link.


  2. Loved the Zohar post!

  3. How about something like “PaRDe”S”, which brings together different levels of hermenautics that you are doing on this blog.

    • Can you spell this out?I am finding your insights too short on first posting for me to “get them.” What are the different hermeneutics? Why use pardes?

  4. I barely have time these days to read any blogs, let alone comment.

    I was just thinking aloud about titles or trying to start the ball rolling.

    This blog covers a certain range of topics, but “PaRDeS” does cover most of what you do here.

    Pshat: Straight links or quotes without commentary.

    Remez: Using an article as a jumping off board to discuss a particular topic. E.g. An article on Ex-Evangelicals to Modern Orthodoxy.

    Drash: Social and academic commentary on articles, stories, and events.

    Sod: Kabbalah.

    If i recall properly, you once taught other “4” approaches that are no longer practiced, but were in the 12th and 13th century.

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