One Month of the Blog

I have been doing this for one month.

I have posted more than I thought I would.  I received 80 hits after yom tov from 8-12 Sunday Oct 11. Most of my readers look at the blog in the early morning 6-9:30, or dinner time 5-8, or then nighttime 10-2Am. I have more hits on Saturday nights than on all day Friday.  I do not have a large office contingent looking at it during a cubicle lunch break- 1-2 PM.   Most people do not go to the links to look at the full versions of articles but are happy with my citations. But people do look at the related material not summarized on the site. Jewish posts get more hits than posts on general religion. More people are getting here through a wordpress product than a google product.  Finally, if you want to comment, then write a comment, not a personal email.

One response to “One Month of the Blog

  1. Once again after few hits by day- everyone is here in the 7-11 time slot.

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