Peripheral Vision

In the new “Census of Jewish Day Schools in the United States 2008-09” released this week by Marvin Schick

We have the following statistic:

Outside of New York and New Jersey, 47% of day school students are enrolled in non-Orthodox schools.

Yet 83% of all day school students are in orthodox schools. It emphasizes again the role of regional differences and the enormous difference between center and periphery. The very image of a day school is different out of NY-NJ.


It was usually the same in most countries. In Congress Poland, Cracow had Yeshivot and Italian cultural influence, Lublin only had the yeshivot, while Podolia, the birthplace of Hasidism, was out of town. A major economic center, but culturally on the periphery.  Similarly in Spain, Castille was not the same as cultured Gerona. Many peripheries  were sources of new ideas.

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